Panic Attacks: Should You See A Psychiatrist?

If you suffer from severe panic attacks on a daily basis, you may wonder if your doctor can help. Your regular doctor may be able to treat mild panic attacks, but they may not have the treatments you need to overcome severe panic attacks. You may need to see a psychiatrist instead. Learn more about severe panic attacks and how a psychiatrist can treat them below.

Why Do You Have Severe Panic Attacks?

Anyone can experience panic attacks at some point in their life. Panic attacks can occur when you watch a scary movie, or when you experience a sudden death in your family. Most panic attacks go away after a short while. However, attacks that occur regularly can be difficult to overcome. Severe panic attacks can make you feel lost, confused, and angry.

Professionals call panic attacks that occur regularly disorders or panic disorders. Panic disorders can make you feel out of control of your life. The disorders can make you feel breathless, even when you remain still or inactive. Some people may develop an unnatural fear of things they perceive as threats.

Panic attacks can be difficult to treat with regular medications. The treatments may only do a few things to calm an individual's symptoms. Once the medications wear off, the symptoms return.

If you feel out of control because of your panic attacks, speak to a psychiatrist soon.

How Do You Treat Severe Panic Attacks?

Severe panic attacks generally develop in people who have underlying health or mental problems, such as anxiety and severe depression. Health conditions that affect the way your brain thinks or behaves can also cause panic disorders to occur regularly. A psychiatrist can use their expertise to discover why you have panic attacks in the first place.

A psychiatrist may use various methods to diagnose the underlying cause of your attacks. The methods may include exposure therapy and psychotherapy. Both types of therapies can allow a psychiatrist to search for things in your life that may potentially cause panic attacks to occur on a regular basis. 

After a psychiatrist diagnoses you, they'll begin treatment. Your treatment may include:

  • antidepressant drugs 
  • anti-anxiety or fear medications
  • beta-blockers

Each of the medications above helps control the parts of your brain that trigger your panic attacks. A psychiatrist may prescribe you one medication or several, depending on your condition.

For more information, contact a professional like G. OZKARAHAN, M.D., P.C.

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