Additional Medical Problems That Can Be Avoided By Treating Your Allergies

Allergies are common among many people and often cause some unpleasant symptoms. However, allergies can also cause other serious medical conditions, and having your allergies treated by an allergist who can prescribe the right medicine may be needed to help you avoid these problems. Here are some of the additional health problems that you may avoid by having your allergies treated.


Asthma, which is a condition that results from breathing difficulties that are caused by problems in the bronchial tubes, can sometimes develop from untreated allergies. Pollen, mold, and dust mites are a few allergens that can trigger allergic asthma if you're exposed to them frequently. You may not even realize that the cause of your asthma comes from allergies, and allergy testing can be performed to determine if you have allergic asthma. 

Gastrointestinal Problems

A wide range of gastrointestinal problems can occur from untreated allergies. Allergic reactions that trigger chronic postnasal drip from the sinuses may cause mucus to drip down into your stomach and irritate your gastrointestinal system, and this can lead to frequent nausea, stomach aches, and diarrhea. Eating certain foods that trigger allergic reactions can also cause gastrointestinal illnesses. 

Urinary Tract Infections

If you suffer from frequent bouts with urinary tract infections, an allergic reaction to your bath products could be to blame. Urinary tract infections are also known to develop from allergic reactions to feminine hygiene products. If you have been prescribed antibiotics to try to treat your urinary tract infections but haven't experienced results, allergy testing should be considered.

Chronic Headaches

The excessive mucus production and sinus pressure that are associated with allergies may lead you to develop chronic headaches. You might try taking over-the-counter headache medicine or various cold treatments to relieve the pain from your headaches, but the medication won't be enough to treat your chronic headaches for good if the underlying allergic reactions haven't been addressed. Prescription nasal sprays or oral medications are often effective in treating chronic headaches that are brought on by allergies.

Excessive Fatigue

No matter how much you sleep, you may still feel tired regularly if you have untreated allergies. Chemicals that your body releases in reaction to any present allergens can cause inflammation in your sinuses and air passages, and this can lead to breathing difficulties that interfere with sleeping. Even if you believe that you're sleeping soundly through the night, breathing difficulties from allergic reactions could still be causing you to wake up briefly many times when you're at rest without you realizing it.

If you're experiencing health problems that don't seem to be responding to treatments, you may be suffering from frequent allergic reactions. Getting treated by an allergist can help put an end to your allergy woes and the other health problems that these reactions can cause.

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