2 Things To Check When You Can No Longer Hear With Your Hearing Aid

If you have problems hearing, your doctor may have fitted you with hearing aids, and you may still be getting used to them. One day, you may have noticed that you are unable to partially or fully hear out of one or both of them. Before you panic that your hearing is getting worse or that your hearing aids are no longer working, troubleshoot the issue by checking the following two things on your hearing aids.

1.  Make Sure the Battery Door Is Fully Closed

The first thing to check when your hearing aids are no longer helping you to hear is the battery door. The battery must be completely inserted into the apparatus to make the proper connections.

If the door is open even a tiny bit, the connection will not be made, and the hearing aid will not work. Try opening and firmly but gently closing the battery door to see if this helps.

You may also want to take this opportunity to go ahead and change the battery just in case it is dying. If neither of these actions work and you still cannot hear, go on to the next section.

2.  Inspect the Sound Outlet for Wax Buildup

Another common cause of not being able to hear out of your hearing aids is wax buildup on the sound outlet hole where the microphone is located. If wax from your ears gets into these holes, it will keep the sounds from reaching the microphone. You may either hear only muffled sounds or nothing at all depending on the severity of the blockage.

To remove the wax, first use a soft-bristled toothbrush that is moistened with water, and gently rub the sound outlet to loosen the wax. Wipe the earpiece with a clean, soft cloth.

If there is any wax remaining, use a pick designed to remove wax from hearing aids to gently pry it out. You can get a pick from either the doctor who prescribed the hearing aids or from a hearing aid center. After wiping the residual wax from the earpieces with warm water with a dab of mild soap, let them dry, and see if you can hear. 

If you are still unable to hear properly after using the above troubleshooting tips, there may be an issue with your hearing aids. Make an appointment with a hearing aid center so that they can examine the appliances and determine what should be done to fix the issue.

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