Tips For Coping With Your Recent Cancer Diagnosis

Having your doctor give you a cancer diagnosis is always a time filled with overwhelming anxiety and fear of the unknown. If you are struggling at home after your last doctor's appointment, then listed below are some important tips to help you cope with your recent cancer diagnosis.

Tip: Always Bring a Friend or Relative to Your Next Few Appointments

It is a proven fact that people do not process information as well when their brains are stressed out. Even if you feel like you have come to terms with your new diagnosis, it really does take a while to sink in and is very likely still clouding your thoughts. For this reason, it is vital that you bring along a trusted friend or family member to your next few medical appointments. They can sit to the side and listen to your conversation with your doctor.

They can also remind you of any questions you have forgotten to ask. Bringing along a friend or relative is very helpful because it provides emotional support for you, and it also gives you someone you can ask questions later on when your mind is clearer. This prevents the need to call your doctor and ask them to repeat information.

Tip: Let Your Friends and Family Help You

When your friends and family hear about your diagnosis, they will want to help you, and many will offer. Though you may be a proud person and the idea of your neighbor doing your laundry or cooking your family a meal may make you immediately decline their offer, you really should take them up on offers of help.

If letting other people help you is bothersome, try to think of your daily energy in terms of a limited quantity. If you are going to use up your daily supply cleaning your house or grocery shopping, then allowing someone to help you will free up your energy reserves to spend meaningful time with your children or other interests. Letting other people who care about you help out also makes them feel better because they are searching for ways to show you they love and support you.

Tip: Seek Out a Cancer Support Group in Your Local Area

Finally, many people in your local community are living with a cancer diagnosis themselves. These folks are more than willing to help newly diagnosed people with suggestions about treatments and self-care. You can find a cancer support group in your area by conducting an online search or speaking with the staff at your local cancer treatment center.

For more information, contact your local cancer center.

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