Tips For Managing A Medical Marijuana Prescription If You Have Children

Medical marijuana can help patients in a variety of ways, including helping them with everything from headaches to keeping comfortable while terminally ill. If you've recently started to use medical marijuana and have children, you may want to give some thought to how you approach your usage. Even though marijuana is becoming more widely accepted as a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals, children commonly learn about it being a drug. The last thing you want is for your child to declare at school that his or her parent uses marijuana, as the child may lack the understanding to explain that you're using the substance with a prescription. Here are some tips for managing this situation.

Select The Right Method Of Using

While there's not a universally right way to use medical cannabis, you need to choose the method that is best for your situation. Many patients vape their medical marijuana, but if you've worked hard to stress the dangers of smoking to your children, they may be unable to understand that what you're doing is healthy, not unhealthy. In such scenarios, it may be better to seek a way to take your medical marijuana that is a little more subtle. Sublingual drops, for example, appear more like medicine than some other methods of using medical marijuana.

Find The Right Time To Use

You may either take your medical marijuana when your pain is bothering you, or you may simply take a smaller dosage daily to keep the pain at bay. However you approach this, you should find the right time. You can't drive after taking marijuana, for example, so you need to keep this consideration in mind. For example, if you're home during the day, taking your marijuana after the kids leave on the bus might be a good idea. By the time the kids are home and you need to take them to soccer practice or piano lessons, you'll be safe to drive.

Don't Make A Big Deal

Children are often used to their parents taking a variety of vitamins, supplements, and prescription drugs. Even if you initially feel a little different about having marijuana in your home, try not to make a big deal out of it. Ideally, you can take the drug without your children paying much attention. If a child questions what you're doing, you can simply explain how the drug is from the doctor and helps you to feel better.

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