Refuting Three Myths About Sports Injuries

Being physically active is an essential aspect of staying healthy. However, participating in sports can put you at a much higher risk of suffering a serious injury. Sadly, individuals will frequently find that they are poorly informed when it comes to sports-related injuries.

Myth: Sports Injuries Always Require Lengthy Rehabilitation

It is often assumed that individuals will always need to go through a lengthy period of rehabilitation after they have suffered an injury. However, the exact amount of rehabilitation that the injured area will require is determined by the severity of the injury along with the healing abilities of the patient. When individuals suffer fairly minor injuries, they may only need light rehabilitation to help strengthen the injured muscles or joints as they will gradually weaken over the healing process. Otherwise, the injured area will be at a far higher risk of being re-injured due to be weaker than normal. Work with a sports injury physical therapy specialist for more help.

Myth: You Will Know Immediately If You Suffer A Sports Injury

It is often assumed that a sports injury will immediately cause intense pain at the moment that it occurs. However, there are many injuries that may not show symptoms immediately. This can be particularly true for injuries that occur due to repetitive actions. If you find that you are experiencing intense and persistent pain after you have participated in a sport, it is important to be evaluated by a trained sports injury therapist. These professionals will be able to analyze your injury to determine the severity of the problem as well as the treatment steps that should be taken to limit future damage and heal the injury.

Myth: You Will Have To Be Completely Inactive While Your Sports Injury Heals

Individuals that have suffered a sports injury may assume that they will have to be completely inactive while they are recovering from their injury. However, this is not always a requirement, and the activity limitations will depend on the specifics of the injury. For example, if the injury is to one of your legs, you may find that your activity limitations are more strict than if the injury were to an arm. Your physical therapist will be able to recommend an activity plan so that any disruption to your life are minimized while allowing your injury to fully heal. It may be tempting to ignore these limitations during the later stages of the healing process as you may feel better. However, while you may feel like you are fully healed, you may still be at a high risk of suffering an another injury as the muscles and joints may not be ready for this type of intense activity.

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