Not Ready For Cataract Surgery? What To Do In The Meantime

When you have cataracts, it is very important to sign up for cataract surgery so you can have them removed. By doing this, you will be able to save your vision. However, if you are not able to have a surgery performed yet, there are a few temporary remedies that can help. 

Improve Your Home's Lighting

Use a soft background light. Also, make sure to use a light to help you with your task. For example, if you are reading, it is a good idea to use a book light. 

Update Your Prescription

Make sure that your eyeglasses prescription is up-to-date. Tell your optometrist that you are not able to have a cataract surgery yet and that you would like to focus on improving your vision. Your optometrist will find a prescription that will help you to see better with cataracts.

Modify Your Home

Rearrange your home so that you are less likely to trip when moving around. For example, it is a good idea to not have a rug or to use a rug that is flatter so you are less likely to trip over it. Make sure that all cords are kept out of the way. 

Use Assistive Technology

Use technologies that are designed to assist those who have low vision. For example, when using a computer, make sure to enlarge the screen. Purchase a cell phone that has larger numbers. Purchase a remote with large buttons and that is more intuitive.

Take Natural Remedies

Investigate natural products that are designed to treat cataracts. Even if they do not completely cure your cataracts, they may help improve on the symptoms you experience. Try:

  • L-Carnosine
  • Serrapeptase
  • Bamboo Tabashir

These products can often help reduce blurry vision. They can also alleviate other symptoms, such as itchy eyes, a feeling of eye pressure and swollen eyes. While these treatments can reduce the symptoms of cataracts, it is important to still see a cataract surgeon as soon as possible so that you can get your vision and your life back on track.

Look For Subsidies And Loans For Cataract Surgery

If the reason why you can't yet have a cataract surgery is because you cannot afford it, talk to an optometrist, such as those at Leader Heights Eye Center, about this. He or she may be aware of programs that are designed to either lend money or completely subsidize low-income patients.He or she may also know of an eye surgeon who will be willing to perform the surgery at a discount. 

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