3 Excellent Reasons Why A Woman Should Have A Primary Care Physician

This article is going to discuss 3 excellent reasons why a woman should have a primary care physician. 

Have A Good Relationship With Your Doctor 

Perhaps the most important reason to have a primary care physician if you are a woman is to create a good relationship with your doctor. You are going to be much more likely to go to your doctor for important medical issues if you feel that you can trust them. You are also likely going to tell them a lot more if you have a good enough relationship to know that they care for you and want to help you. 


Another important reason to have a primary care physician if you are a women is for prevention. They are going to be able to perform regular physicals on you to check for anything that may be wrong. They will also perform mammograms regularly, once you reach a certain age, to reduce the risk of you developing breast cancer and having it go undetected. They are going to take your blood and run a series of tests as well, to see if you have issues with anything from thyroid disease to diabetes. This is going to be very helpful to finding these issues and getting them under control before they become a very serious or even life-threatening condition for you. 


Whether you want to have a baby in the near future, have already had children, or simply want to keep that possibility open, it can be a good idea to have a primary care physician that helps to make this possible for you. Your primary care physician can help with with things such as irregular periods, severe cramping during periods, lack of periods, and other period related issues. They are also going to be able to give you a pap smear to make sure that you are cancer free, have no sexually transmitted diseases, and that things look how they are supposed physically. They are also going to be the first doctor that you visit if you have more severe fertility issues and are going to be able to refer you to an infertility specialist if needs be. Knowing that you are going to an infertility specialist that your regular doctor knows and trusts is often going to be very comforting for you and will help to ensure that you have a good experience working with them.

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