3 Reasons Your Practice Should Invest In A Portable Ultrasound

If you own your own medical practice, you should consider investing in a portable ultrasound machine. Here are a few of the advantages that come with investing in a portable ultrasound machine.

Advantage #1: The Ability To Make An Immediate Diagnosis

One of the biggest advantages of keeping a portable ultrasound machine in your practice is that it gives you the ability to make immediate diagnosis when you suspect something is wrong with a  patient. You will not have to transport a patient or send them to another facility for an ultrasound to confirm your suspicions. Sometimes transporting a client can be dangerous.

Having a portable ultrasound on hand prevents the need for the patient to go somewhere else to get a full diagnosis, keeps the patient in their treatment room where you can assist them right away, and cuts down on the time between when you suspect that something is wrong with a patient and when you can actually do something about it. 

Advantage #2: Portable Ultrasounds Save Money

Investing in a regular, standard ultrasound machine is expensive business. They are really expensive, and the cost of purchasing a standard ultrasound machine is passed down to the patient in higher fees for getting the ultrasound that they need to confirm your diagnosis of them. 

In contrast, portable ultrasound machines are really affordable. They don't cost as much to purchase and operate as standard, stationary ultrasound machines. This reduced cost is then transferred to patients via lower fees and charges for using an ultrasound machine to make life-saving diagnosis within your own practice.

Advantage #3: Increase Transparency With Patients

The final advantage of investing in an ultrasound machine is that it allows you to increase the level of transparency with your patients. When you have a portable ultrasound machine, you will be able to examine your patient right there in your office and show them what you are talking about on the ultrasound. Your patient will not have to go to some other facility, where an ultrasound will be run and a tech will look over it, and then later a doctor will explain what happened when they can no longer see the images on the screen.

With a portable ultrasound machine, you can find out what is wrong and explain it to your patient all at once. This will help your patient better understand what is wrong with them when they have a visual that they can see right in front of them. They will be able to get real time feedback from you and gain a deeper understanding of their condition.

If you own your own practice, the next time you are looking to upgrade your medical equipment, consider investing in a portable ultrasound machine. This will allow you to diagnose patients without them leaving your practice at a lower fee to your patient and will allow you to create a more transparent and clear dialogue with your patients about their diagnosis. 

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