Work In Healthcare? Four Reasons Why You Owe Yourself A Therapeutic Massage

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry knows that it can be one of the most physically demanding jobs out there, requiring long hours spent rushing from one room or station to another. One study examining the effects of such an environment found that approximately 18 percent of nurses suffer from depression, a rate double that of the general public. Whether you are a nurse, a doctor, an EMT or another member of the medical community, you owe it to yourself and to your patients to take care of your body as well as your mind. Therapeutic massage may be able to help with both in the following four ways. 

Providing Relief for Your Legs and Feet

Staying on your toes all day can wreak havoc on your feet, legs and spine, leading to severe discomfort even when you are able to finally sit down for a break. Although many healthcare professionals have resigned themselves to living with this chronic pain, it doesn't have to be this way. Therapeutic massage is designed to manage muscle and tendon pain, and even a weekly or monthly session can leave you feeling refreshed, comfortable and ready for the day ahead. 

Managing the Physical Toll of Stress

Of course, your psychological state can also play a significant role in your overall well-being, and chronic stress can run you down just as easily as physical fatigue. If you suffer from tension headaches or muscle aches, you may find some relief from the side effects of stress through massage therapy. Rather than living with these symptoms, you may be able to minimize them, leaving your head clear to focus on the tasks ahead of you. 

Carving Out a Moment of Quiet

With the long hours demanded of many healthcare professionals, you may be wondering when you could even find time for regular massage sessions. But if you are pressed for time, it becomes even more important to carve out a few minutes of time for yourself every week or month. Massage therapy places no demands on you, simply encouraging you to relax while a professional does all the work. Many massage patients find that they value their brief period of quiet just as much as the actual benefits of the massage. 

Strengthening Your Immune System

Although further research is needed, there is some evidence suggesting that therapeutic massage techniques may be linked to improved immune function. Many healthcare professionals find themselves sniffling frequently as a result of an increased daily exposure to germs, but the combined effects of lowered stress and the physiological response elicited by massage may help control the damage and lower your number of sick days.

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