What You Should Know About Pneumonia

Has your child been coughing up a lot of mucus that is streaked with blood? If over-the-counter medicine is not helping, it might be time to make an appointment with a pediatrician so your child can be examined. It is possible that he or she has pneumonia and needs prompt treatment before the condition gets worse. In this article, you will find some helpful information in about pneumonia in case your child has it.

Why Pneumonia Is a Serious Condition

Basically, pneumonia is a bad infection that can cause inflammation in the air sacs of the lungs. It is possible that the infection can harm one or both of the lungs. It is possible for the air sacs to become filled with fluid, which might be why your child has been coughing up mucous with streaks of blood.

Ways to Get Pneumonia

The cause of pneumonia is being exposed to germs. There are numerous types of viruses and bacteria in the air, and it is possible that your child was exposed to the germs at school. Even if your child isn't in school yet, he or she may have breathed in germs in some other public place.

The Symptoms Your Child Might Have

One of the common symptoms of pneumonia is feeling pain when coughing. Sometimes the pain can also be experienced from simply breathing. Your child might also have a difficult time breathing. Feeling fatigue and having diarrhea are other symptoms of pneumonia.

How a Diagnosis Will Be Made

A pediatrician will ask you about your child's medical history during the checkup. He or she will also listen to your child's lungs to find out if there are any unusual sounds that points to fluid being in the air sacs. Your child will likely need a blood test, as one can confirm whether there is an infection present or not. The blood test can also point out what caused the infection. Your child might need a chest x-ray as well, but the extent of tests will depend on the severity of the condition.

How a Pediatrician Can Treat Pneumonia

There is no specific treatment for pneumonia because the treatment will depend on the specific symptoms that your child has. It is possible that he or she will be prescribed a medication for fever and coughing. He or she will need antibiotics to cure the infection as well. With a severe case, hospitalization may be necessary. Take your child to a pediatrician as soon as possible. A chiropractor such as Vanderloo Chiropractic could also help with the treatment of pneumonia. 

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