Things You Might Not Think To Bring With You To The Hospital When It's Time To Have A Baby

Well before your expected delivery date, it's a good idea to pack a bag of items to bring with you to the hospital. While some items may be obvious, like fresh clothes for you and the baby, there are many things that can easily go overlooked. The following list of easy-to-forget items can help you be packed and prepared for the day of delivery. 

Pictures to Focus On

It helps some mothers to have something soothing to look at and focus on during contractions. Bring a poster or picture of a place that you find relaxing. This might be an image of a beach or trees in a forest. Whatever image you pick, it helps to have a picture of a place that is inherently relaxing. Envisioning yourself in that place, whatever it may be, can help you relax your muscles through the contractions. 

Digital Camera with Adequate Storage Space

Whether you prefer to have your pictures of the birth taken on a smart phone or on an actual camera, it's important that the device has adequate storage space for a lot of digital files. Decide ahead of time which device you'll be bringing with you to take pictures, then check the storage space on that device. If you're planning to use a digital camera, buy an extra memory card for the camera to ensure that your partner will be able to take pictures throughout the birth.   

Sour Candy

Sour candy helps with nausea, which you may feel during labor. Additionally, some hospitals may not let you drink water during labor. Having something to suck on can help alleviate your thirst and get saliva flowing.  

Food for Whomever is With You

Although the hospital will probably have a cafeteria where your partner can grab a bite to eat, there may be many times when you'll want your partner at your side, instead of running out for food. Have your partner pack some snacks he or she will want to eat in the hospital room. 

Cash for Vending Machines

If the snacks you bring aren't enough, your partner may want to go to the vending machines instead of taking the time to run to the cafeteria. Have cash on hand for vending machines. 


You may decide that you want to take a shower or bath while in labor. Having a swimsuit may be more comfortable than going without clothes, if nurses and visitors are coming in and out of your room.


You may have a lot of down time at the hospital, depending on how long you're in labor. Bring entertainment for yourself and your partner. A tablet computer with music and movies loaded onto it will be helpful. 

Keep in mind that hospitals frequently provide a lot of amenities for their patients. For example, your chosen hospital may provide room service for your partner, or your hospital may provide wi-fi that might allow you to watch programs on your tablet without loading them onto the computer ahead of time. Knowing these things in advance will help you plan for your labor and delivery. Call your chosen hospital in advance for more information. 

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