Keeping An Eye On Your Parents As They Age

As your parents age, you want to become more watchful of them, looking for possible warning signs that they may be developing problems with their health. This way, you will be able to get a head start on problems and make sure they are getting the proper treatment as quickly as possible to ensure the best results. Two major areas of concern to have with aging parents are their vision and hearing. These are two things that are common areas for potential problems as someone ages. This article will help you to spot the warning signs of possible vision and hearing problems.

Recognizing vision problems

Make sure your parents are going to their regular optometrist appointments so they will have their vision checked annually and the optometrist will be able to catch any possible problems right away. Even if they do go routinely, there is the chance they can develop issues between appointments, so you want to watch for signs they are having troubles.

If you notice your parents are starting to squint or they are having a hard time reading fine print, then there may be a problem. Also, if they don't seem to recognize people until they are very close to them, then they may be having a hard time seeing. If you see changes in the way their eyes look then you want to get them in right away to have them checked.

Recognizing hearing problems

Watch for signs of hearing problems by monitoring your parents' electronics; this can be one of the easiest indications that there may be a problem. If either one of your parents seems to suddenly need the volume on all their electronics set to a very high setting, then it's more than likely due to a problem hearing.

Also, pay attention to whether or not your parents are still able to hear you and other people when you talk in a regular tone. If they have a hard time keeping up with the conversation or they repeatedly ask people to repeat themselves, then it may warrant a trip to the audiologist. You can also ask your parents if they still hear the birds chirping during the day time and crickets at night time. These are some of the far-off sounds that people with hearing problems can have a difficult time hearing.

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Now that you know some of the things to watch for in your parents, you will have an easier time knowing how to care for them.

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