3 Reasons To Consider Female Condoms As A Contraceptive

Female condoms are not as popular as male condoms, but they can be used as an effective means of contraception. A female condom consists of a tube of material between two rings. The smaller of the rings is inserted into the vagina or anus and the larger ring rests outside of the body. There are several reasons why the female condom may be a better option for you than male condoms, which are worn on the penis during sex. 

The Female Condom Can Be Inserted Before Penetration

Male condoms are generally put on just before the penis is inserted into the vagina. For many people, this can ruin the build-up to the moment of insertion, especially if it takes more than a few seconds to ensure the condom is properly fitted. With a female condom, the condom may be inserted any time during foreplay or even before foreplay begins, if you would like to insert yourself. This can create a seamless transition from foreplay to penetrative sex, which may create a more rewarding experience for you and your partner. 

The Female Condom Can Be Used While a Penis Is Semi-Erect 

With a male condom, if a man's penis loses its erection during sex, the penis should be removed from the vagina to avoid having the condom slip off. However, with a female condom, sex can continue with a semi-erect penis as long as it is comfortable for both partners. This can be beneficial for partners who prefer to practice insertion before the penis is fully erect or for males who have fluctuating erections throughout intercourse. Female contraception can also be beneficial for partners who practice various sorts of tantra sex that involve inserting and removing the penis multiple times during a single sexual experience. 

Female Condoms Can Make It More Safe to Engage In Both Anal and Vaginal Sex In the Same Session

Some couples enjoy the experience of anal sex before vaginal penetration. However, with male condoms, a partner should switch to a new, clean condom before transitioning from the anus to the vagina. This helps protect the vagina from the spread of bacteria from the anus. With a female condom, you can insert a separate condom into the anus and the vagina and switch between the two types of sex freely. 

Although female condoms are not as popular as male condoms, they should be considered as a type of birth control and protection against STDs, especially if you are looking for any of the above benefits. 

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