Holiday Health Crises: When to Get Medical Attention

When the holidays roll around, it can be easy to get wrapped up in all of the planning and trying to make everything as perfect as possible. Because of this focus on all of the holiday planning and preparations, people can become careless with their health and safety and can suffer from various injuries or illnesses as a result. Get to know some of the common holiday health crises and issues that require a visit with a medical professional. That way, you can get to the urgent care clinic right away and get the healthcare and treatment you need to have a happy holiday in spite of any health issues that could come up.

Cuts While Cooking and Prepping

Minor nicks and cuts are commonplace when people who are not used to cooking large meals of several dishes take to the kitchen and begin preparing a holiday meal. However, there are some instances where those cuts are no longer minor and require immediate medical attention.

It can be difficult for people to admit that their cooking cut injury needs stitches and medical attention. However, if the cut is deep enough to see the layer of fat in the deeper layers of the skin (a yellowish layer of fatty tissue) or even worse, bone, you need to get it looked at by a medical professional immediately.

Similarly, if the cut will not stop bleeding, even if you bandage it up, or the wound is gaping, you will need to go to the nearest urgent care clinic, such as Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc., or emergency room and get stitched up. If you do not go to get stitches right away, you run the risk of waiting too long for stitches to be effective. This can lead to complications with healing, possible infections, and permanent scarring.

Influenza, Strep, and Other Contagious Illnesses

Inevitably, when large groups of people get together over the holidays, they will bring some manner of germs with them. This is particularly true if your family holiday gatherings include small children in the mix.

As such, holiday meals and activities can serve as incubators for various contagious illnesses including influenza and strep throat among many others. If you begin to experience flu symptoms that are severe including shortness of breath, confusion or disorientation, and high fever and dehydration, you should head to the urgent care clinic or hospital without delay.

And if you experience the extreme throat pain, fever, and glandular swelling of strep throat, you should similarly seek medical attention. Over the holidays especially, many people make the mistake of trying to suffer through their illnesses to spend quality time with the family. However, without proper care and treatment, you can make yourself and those around you even sicker.

Now that you know a few of the holiday health issues that require you to seek medical attention, you can be sure to take better care of yourself this holiday season. In turn, you can be sure to have a better and safer holiday season.

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