3 Tips To Prepare For A Potential Hospital Transfer During A Home Birth

There are so many reasons to consider hiring a midwife (such as one from Women's Healthcare Associates LLC) and having your baby at home rather than having him or her in the hospital. A home birth will allow you to enjoy comfort and familiar surroundings while you are in labor and can make it easier for your family and friends to be there. Plus, you can have more control over the birthing position and the rest of the process.

Even though many women have had successful births with the help of a good midwife, however, you need to be ready to transfer to the hospital at any moment. If there are any complications, going to the hospital can help provide you and your baby with better medical care. These are a few ways that you can prepare for a potential hospital transfer; then, you'll have less to worry about during your home birth and can get the help that you need as quickly as possible in an emergency situation.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

Make sure that your doctor is well-aware of your birthing plan and the fact that you are planning on having your baby at home. He or she can talk to you about potential signs that you should transfer to the hospital and can give you tips for a hospital transfer in the event that you need one.

2. Have a Plan in Mind

Go ahead and make the plan that you will follow in the event that you need to transfer to the hospital. Determine the closest hospital with maternity care, and consider the fastest and best route to get there. Arrange for transportation to be readily available in case you need to go to the hospital, and go ahead and decide who will be driving you. You don't want to make these last-minute plans in an emergency situation, so it's best to make them now. 

3. Pack Your Bags

You might already know that many women who plan on hospital births have bags with clothing and other necessities already packed. It's a good idea to pack one of these bags as well -- ensuring that you have your medication and anything else that you might need at the hospital -- and keeping it in the car or near the door. 

In the best of situations, you can have your baby at home with the help of a midwife with no problems. However, it is important to be prepared for a potential hospital transfer at any moment, so follow these tips to ensure that you are ready.

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