Is Doggy Day Care Right For Your Dog?

If you have a dog and work, deciding what to do with him or her when you are not at home can be confusing. Some people keep their dogs in cages at home all day. They either go home at lunchtime or have a friend go over and let the dog out for a potty break. Some people allow their dog to stay home and use a doggy door to go outside when needed. Other people take their pet to doggy day care centers, like All Pets Hospital Ltd. Knowing which is right for you and your dog takes some consideration. Here are a few things to look at if you are thinking about using a doggy cay care center.

Dog's Social Skills

If your dog has always been at home with you and not been around other dogs too much, going to doggy day care can be stressful. Your dog may become aggressive, out of fear, towards the people and dogs in the center. On the other hand, if you have taken your dog with you to visit friends and family who have dogs or go to the dog park regularly, your pet should fit right in with everyone.

Dog's Age

It is always easier to start going to doggy day care when the dog is still a puppy. He or she will become used to the routine, the people and the other dogs. If your dog is older, but has stayed with friends or at a kennel without you regularly, he or she should do well with a day care situation.

Dog's Separation Anxiety

A dog that suffers from separation anxiety when you leave is not going to get any better at doggy cay care. He or she will still howl and whine when you leave. The staff and other dogs will try to work with the situation, but if it does not improve, you will need to consider other options for while you are at work.

If you absolutely must take your dog out of the home while you are working and he or she is not ready for a day care environment, consider going to a facility that is half kennel and half day care. Until your dog learns the routine and becomes more socialized, he or she can stay in the kennel. The staff will take the dog for a few walks throughout the day and can try to introduce other dogs to yours. Over time, things may progress to the point your pet is ready to go join the others, but until then, you know he or she is safe and being cared for.

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