How To Treat Tailor's Bunion Naturally

If you feel a bump on the base of your pinky toe, it is likely a bunionette or tailor's bunion. Tailor bunions are so named because tailors of medieval times used to get them from sitting crossed-legged on hard surfaces for a long time. The friction from feet rubbing caused a callous to form on their small toe.

Bunionettes have similar symptoms to bunions, but they develop on the outside of your foot. While surgery is an option for tailor's bunions, it is possible to use home treatment. Here are some ways to treat tailor's bunions naturally.

Ice It

Ice will help reduce pain and swelling especially after being on your feet all day. Wash your feet before applying the ice and do not apply ice directly on the skin. Wrap some in a cloth or towel and apply to the skin in for ten to fifteen minutes up to three times daily.

For an alternative, fill a Styrofoam cup with water, freeze it, and tear back the leading rim of the cup before applying. Afternoon is the best time to apply ice. Do not use ice if you have circulation issues.

Stretch the Calf and Toes

Do a calf stretching routine two times daily. Place your hands on a wall and bring one leg forward while the other leg remains in the back. You should feel a stretch in the back leg.

Keep the back knee locked and toes straight. Hold the stretch for 30-60 seconds and change legs. Flex toes and hold for ten seconds and release. Attempt to grab clothing or a towel with your toes. 

Buy a Toe Spacer

Toe spacers are devices worn in shoes to get the fifth toe in the correct position by getting it away from the fourth toe. You will need shoes with a toe box broad enough to hold the spacer. Toe spacers in the shape of an hourglass are suggested because they decrease skin chafing and rubbing. Take your spacer with you when you try on shoes.

Go Barefoot

Try to walk barefoot whenever possible and walk over uneven surfaces to strengthen the toes. If you don't feel comfortable walking around barefoot, put on flip-flops. Walking with flip-flops or going barefoot could be more difficult if the tailor's bunion has advanced. If the bunion has advanced, walk barefoot on thick carpeting.

Some cases of tailor's bunion may require surgery. If you aren't sure you have tailor's bunions or home treatment, see your podiatrist. They will diagnose and recommend proper treatment.

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