Choosing The Right Type Of Braces

With the help of new inventions and further advancements in technology, braces have come a long way. There is so much more to them than just the big metal, head pieces you may be used to. The stigma behind braces would put teens in terror when they though thought they had to wear them. Fortunately, teens now can wear braces without ever worrying about any head gear, metal, and stigma attached to it. Orthodontic evaluations typically begin at the age of 6 to 10 years old to see if there are any issues creeping up. By the time they are 12, most children have all their permanent teeth and can begin receiving treatments. Here are some of the options you can choose from for your child who has been diagnosed with needing braces. 

Damon Smile Braces

The Damon Smile braces use titanium wire to help guide the teeth in place. There are no ties or elastics used with these types of braces. Another great benefit when choosing this type is that the treatment usually doesn't last as long as treatments with traditional braces. This means you wear them for less time, which is a plus for anyone who has been instructed to wear them. 

Ceramic Braces

These are very similar to the tradition braces except they are tooth colored. You don't have to worry about metal brackets showing through, and in most cases people can't even tell you have them on. With the ceramic braces, you are likely to pay more out of pocket than with the traditional braces. You also have to be careful about the foods you eat because the braces can get stained quickly. 


This is one of the most popular types of braces. These are clear and removable, making it very convenient to remove when eating. The braces are replaced every 2 weeks in order to remain effective. These types of braces can be very expensive, costing more than the traditional type. They are much more comfortable and easy to remove when you need to. 

Statistics show that around 25 to 50% of children require braces. More and more adults are turning to the treatment to help straighten their teeth. With the past stigma gone surrounding braces and the various options to choose from, it makes getting braces a much easier decision. The best way to decide is by contacting a local orthodontist, like Oasis Orthodontics, and checking out the benefits and disadvantages of each type to determine what makes most sense for your needs. 

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