Three Tips For Preventing An Unfamiliar C-Arm From Damaging Other Medical Equipment

Many of the physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals in the world would be completely lost without easy access to X-ray equipment. If your medical practice involves giving comprehensive X-ray scans to patients on a short notice, a c-arm is practically essential. Remember these three tips to prevent an unfamiliar c-arm from damaging other valuable medical equipment.

Don't Overestimate How High You Can Push The Main Imaging Stem

Most c-arms consist of a a protruding stem for actually taking X-rays and a main body stuffed with a computer and control panel for analyzing the results of a scan. Some bigger models also include a sizable bed that the patient can sit on during the whole process.

Since the protruding stem on a c-arm has so many complex, fragile, and valuable parts, it's imperative that you not damage it by pushing it where it can't go. Specifically, before you start using the c-arm in earnest, slowly move the protruding stem up and down to determine how far it'll go without resistance. This way, you won't be likely to press so hard on it in the heat of the moment that it snaps and crashes into a cabinet or light fixture.

Keep The Panel Of Buttons That's Attached To The Machine Completely Spotless

If even a little dirt gets under the layer of plastic covering your c-arm's button panel, it could mean that buttons will start going off spontaneously.

You certainly don't want a button to activate spontaneously on your c-arm's control panel in the middle of an important medical procedure. This will delay the X-ray that your patient needs. If your c-arm's stem can be moved by pressing a button on the control panel, you also risk serious damage through improper movement.

To prevent this, you need to make sure that the panel is as free of dirt and debris as you can get it at all times. 

Don't Neglect Regular Maintenance For The Machine's Wheels And Brake

As scary as a software malfunction can be, a problem with your c-arm's wheels and brake can be just as damaging. If your c-arm suddenly starts flying all over the place because the brake on the wheels stops working, it could damage all sorts of fragile medical equipment around it.

If your c-arm's wheels stop working as smoothly as they should be, consult a mechanic to address the problem as soon as possible. It's better to overreact to a minor problem than face a huge catastrophe that you could have prevented

In expert hands, c-arms are truly wondrous machines. In your zeal to get a job related to your medical profession done, .don't neglect to look after expensive and essential equipment. Contact Chicago C-Arms LLC for more information.

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