Adult Braces: 3 Options To Choose From

If you never got braces to straighten your teeth, you're not alone. Many adults are choosing to get orthodontic treatment because they were not able to afford them as a child, or because their teeth began shifting later in life and they now have misalignment. There are plenty of options available when it comes to orthodontic treatment if you don't want the traditional metal braces. Here are three options to choose from.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces, such as Invisalign, are not actually invisible. However, they use plastic aligners that are hard to see from a distance. If your main concern with braces is that they will be obvious to others, this is the best option for you. Not only are they inconspicuous, but they tend to be more convenient and comfortable. The aligners are worn over your teeth, but can be removed when brushing your teeth or eating and drinking. You will it easier to take care of your teeth without having to get small pieces of food out of brackets and wires. This is also one of the most expensive options, so that is another thing to consider.

Lingual Braces

Another type of orthodontic treatment that won't be visible to others is lingual braces. These are more limited and only appropriate for mild misalignment issues. Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces and use brackets and wires. In this case, however, the brackets and wires are on the inside of the teeth, instead of the outside. They can be more difficult to clean and may be a little uncomfortable at first. They are a good option if you have a mild misalignment issue and want braces, but don't want them to be as visible.

Ceramic Braces

Your last option is ceramic braces. Instead of having shiny metal in your mouth, the brackets are made from ceramic. The ceramic is clear, but is slightly more visible than Invisalign. There are still metal wires connecting the brackets, though many dentists now offer wires that are tooth-colored, so you can make them as minimally visible as possible. The benefit of ceramic braces is that they work on different levels of spacing and misalignment issues, and they often move the teeth faster than invisible braces do. The downside is that the ceramic is not as strong as metal, so they are prone to damage. They can also become discolored if they are not cleaned properly.

As an adult, you will appreciate having orthodontic treatment options that are less conspicuous and make you feel confident while also straightening your teeth. Contact a professional such as Jackson Gregory W DDS Ltd for more information.

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