Looking At The Benefits Of ACL Physical Therapy

The human body is designed to heal itself in the event of injury or illness. While everyone knows many diseases are relentless and do not go away without medical intervention, you should know that some aspects of natural healing are essential for medicine and other types of treatments to work well. If you are recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) that required surgery, learning more about getting the most from physical therapy can help you get back on your feet faster.

Getting Back Your Strength

Most surgeries leave you feeling exhausted and weak. Extreme fatigue is a normal side effect that can be blamed on anesthesia medications and the effects of stress illness and surgery place on the physical and emotional part of you. The torn ACL in your knee will also require time for gaining its strength back after being surgically repaired. The ACL is responsible for the motion of your leg and knee moving frontwards and backwards. Until a repaired ACL is strong enough, walking can certainly be a challenge. Physical therapy designed specifically for ACL patients can help you and your leg get the back the strength necessary to regain movement for your normal activities.

Special Therapy Just For ACL Patients

Your physical therapist, such as Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, will discuss with you about the timing for every part of your therapy. Granted, you will require time immediately after surgery for healing to begin before you embark on a journey through physical therapy sessions. However, after the first few weeks have passed after surgery, the time for getting up and regaining your mobility will be at hand. Keep in mind that physical therapy is not fast acting and works over time in the same way any other types of physical exercises. One great benefit many patients experience first after ACL physical therapy is less pain due to reduction in swelling at the site of surgery.

Does Proper ACL Healing Depend On Physical Therapy?

If you have had your ACL repaired after a tear, it will experience weakness that only physical therapy can work to improve. Without physical therapy, patients may experience longer and less successful recovery times. Physical therapy helps to re-build muscle tone and the strength of the repaired ligament tissue. Bear in mind the muscles in the rest of your body will need a small dose of physical therapy as well if you have been in bed for a few weeks after ACL surgery. Muscles begin to atrophy when you are not in motion on a regular basis, the reason you may feel weak upon sitting up for the first time after being in bed for a few weeks because of surgery. No matter how well your surgery went, you will have a much harder time regaining the most range of motion without the guidance of a professional ACL physical therapist.

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